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Te Haaro Board Election 2017


Te Haaro Board election 2017

Eligibility and Criteria


•Nominations open Friday, 10 November 2017

•Nominations close Friday, 24 November 2017

•Election hui to be held at Korongatā marae, 8am Saturday 2 December, 2017

•The official election result will announced on Saturday 9 December, 2017


Shall be elected from and by the eligible members of each Hapū/Marae Group as follows:-

(a) All eligible members must be registered with Ngati Kahungunu in order to participate in the election process.

(b) New Registrations with Ngati Kahungunu will close for this election on the day nominations close - Friday, 24 November 2017.

(c) Only Tangata Whenua ki Heretaunga : being those members who affiliate by whakapapa to Kahungunu, who reside in Heretaunga and have association to marae/Hapū of Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga.

(d) Every Hapū/Marae Group, shall convene and complete an election in accordance with the following principles:

(i) Only registered members of that Hapū/Marae Group may be nominated for appointment to the Board to represent that Hapū/Marae Group

(ii) Nomination shall be by way of formal written nomination signed by two registered members of the Hapū/Marae Group and countersigned by the nominee.

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